2. Newest piece entitled “(De)Facing P.T.S.D.”

    The piece plays off of the emotional toll PTSD has, and how many wear a mask to shield their feelings, and hide their vulnerability. The piece is painted up in watercolor, and took about 150 hrs to complete. The military doesn’t seem to recognize PTSD as an injury of war, and asking for help is like speaking a foreign language. The name tag on the soldier is ‘Ayudar’ which means ‘to help’ in spanish, and like the ”help” soldiers get these days, ‘Ayudar’ is hidden in the shadows. 


  3. A quick little body painting, combining the depicted heart with the dissected heart … ~ 3.5 hrs

    sharpie / latex / acrylic

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  5. Starting off the Halloween season with this piece! It makes for a pretty cool costume, eh?

    latex / sharpie / acrylic / ~5 hrs

    Danny Quirk Artwork

  6. In recent months, military suicides have reached an ALL TIME HIGH, averaging some 20+ per day. Tonight, with the help of my sister, shot some reference photos / made up this digital sketch for a piece regarding these suicides. The position of the soldier was carefully thought out…. The hand on the gun, and the 7 sprays of splatter was made to emulate the Statue of Liberty, sardonically playing off the notion that the freedom they’re supposedly fighting for is the force that enslaves them mentally and physically, and for more than there should be, death is their only liberation. The slouched position, was chosen to mimic the homeless, as sadly, many vets often become homeless shortly after their return home. The writing on the wall and the 6-10 on the gun are an allusion to Daniel Somers- who committed suicide on June 10th after suffering for years from PTSD after numerous deployments to Iraq. His suicide note went viral after his family published it in an effort to speak out about the condition of returning troops, and hopefully open eyes to the lack of treatment they’re given upon their return. For those interested in reading the full note it can be read here … http://gawker.com/i-am-sorry-that-it-has-come-to-this-a-soldiers-last-534538357 Sorry if this piece is a little graphic for some, but it’s intended to be hard hitting …

  7. Newest body painting, detailing the flexors of the arm…

    to see some more,

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  8. In honor of Mother’s Day, figured I’d do up a little pregnancy piece. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, thanks for doing what you do….

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  9. Newest dorsal doodle… 

    Back Dissection / Laminectomy revealing the spinal cord, and deep structures of the spine….

  10. Turning my friend into a medical illustration!! Deep back dissection revealing the thoracolumbar fascia!
    Turning my friend into a medical illustration!! Superficial neck musculature!

    Recenly started doing a series of anatomical body paintings for educational purposes. They turned out to be RIDICULOUSLY successful, and want to share some with you. To see some more of my work, check out Danny Quirk Artwork